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Air header manifolds
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  • Customized Design: Designed and built according to the unique requirements of individual plants, ensuring seamless integration into diverse industrial setups.

  • Premium Components: Utilizing high-quality fittings, flanges, and valves, TRUEWAY guarantees leakproof performance and extended lifespan, maintaining the integrity of the compressed air distribution system.

  • Factory Tested: Rigorously tested to ensure 100% performance reliability, providing industrial users with a dependable solution for their compressed air needs.

  • Distributed Air Control: TRUE WAY Air Header in Industrial Settings The TRUE WAY Air Header is primarily utilized to distribute and regulate compressed air from a single inlet to multiple outlets within industrial plants and facilities. It finds extensive usage in the distribution of instrument compressed air ensuring uninterrupted operation of various utilities within the industrial environment.

When Used

TRUEWAY Air Header is a unit mainly used to distribute & control compressed Air from one Inlet to Multiple Outlets for use in Plant or facility. It is most commonly used for distribution of Instrument compressed Air within the plant for various utilities.

Technical Specification

End Connections TOD/ FPT/ MPT
TEST PRESSURE Standard 300 psi (High Pressure Test offered)
TUBE OD SIZE (TOD) From 1/4” OD to 1” OD (Fractional) From 6mm OD to 25mm OD (Metric)
PIPE THREAD SIZE (FPT/ MPT) 1/8” to 2” NPT (Taper) Threads (BSPP/ BSPT/ ISO/ Metric or any other Types Upon Request)
HEADER PIPE SIZE From 1” to 4” (Seamless or ERW) Pipe
THICKNESS As per Spec such as Sch.40/ Sch.80/ Sch.160/ C Class
INLET A) RF/ FF Flange (ANSI B 16.5) ½” to 3” or
B) With Ball Valve of Size ¼” to 2” or
C) With Flange & Valve Both at inlet or
D) With Valve & Three Piece Union at Inlet
OUTLET/ DRAIN A) Needle Valves (CS/ Brass/ SS304/ SS316 etc.)
B) Ball Valves (CS/ Brass/ SS304/ SS316 etc.)
C) Pipe Male/ Female Open Threads
OPPOSITE SIDES OUTLET PATTERN Parallel or Zig Zag Distance between Two outlets to be specified.Outlet Nipple Length to be specified.

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TRUEWAY Air Header is a vital unit designed for efficient distribution and control of compressed air within industrial plants and facilities. Crafted using various sizes of pipes, flanges, reducers, and nipples as per specific design requirements, it is meticulously assembled with TRUEWAY make Needle or Ball Valves to regulate the airflow seamlessly. This unit serves a critical role in distributing instrument compressed air for diverse utilities within the plant.



TRUEWAY specializes in providing essential solutions for industrial plants. The TRUEWAY Air Header, a vital component in their product line, is designed for efficient distribution and control of compressed air within industrial facilities. It ensures seamless regulation of airflow, optimizing the performance of various equipment and processes.

TRUEWAY Air Headers are meticulously crafted using high-quality materials such as pipes, flanges, reducers, and nipples. These components are assembled with precision to create a durable unit. The use of top-notch materials guarantees longevity and reliability, even in challenging industrial environments.

TRUEWAY Air Headers are equipped with TRUEWAY make Needle or Ball Valves. These valves are engineered for precise airflow regulation. Needle Valves provide fine control over flow rates, making them ideal for applications requiring precision. Ball Valves, on the other hand, offer quick on/off control, ensuring rapid response in various industrial processes.

Yes, TRUEWAY Air Headers can be customized to align with specific design requirements of industrial plants. Customization options include sizes, configurations, and materials. This tailored approach ensures seamless integration with diverse compressed air systems, leading to optimal performance, energy efficiency, and prolonged equipment lifespan.

Implementing TRUEWAY Air Headers offers industrial plants numerous advantages, including efficient distribution and control of compressed air, reduced energy consumption, extended equipment lifespan, and minimized downtime. By providing a steady supply of compressed air to instruments and equipment, TRUEWAY Air Headers significantly enhance overall plant productivity and operational efficiency.